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Jul 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
the education of our u.s. olympic team. >>> the u.n. security council voted to extend its mission in syria about another 30 days. and suspected colorado theater shooter james holmes is scheduled to make his first court appearance on monday. dave cullen, author of the remarkable book, "columbine" and jill nelson. i want to start with the shooting in aurora, colorado that killed a dozen people and injured 58 others. police went door to door last night informing victim's families. the aurora police say 24-year-old james holmes wore a bullet proof vest and attacked movie goers at a sold out midnight screening. police say all four guns were purchased legally around with 6,000 rounds of ammunition. the assault rifle he used would have been illegal under the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. at least three members of the u.s. armed forces were wounded in the shooting. among the few things we know about james holmes are these. police say he is not cooperating with investigators besides telling them his apartment was booby trapped. he was in the process of a phd. we know nothing of his mendel sta
Jul 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
are trying to get to the bottom of that and taking little scraps that tell us nothing. a year or two years from now we are going to have a really complete picture of this guy. we are going to know exactly what he is like. even when they are dead there is a lot of stuff that will come out. we will have this picture. right now we are getting dots like this, tiny specks. and we are having the urge to put them together and draw a picture from them. you have dots here and here. the picture we come up with is probably wrong. three scraps of data out of 100,000 that is not going to work. >> and to me that gets to the kind of second conversation which is about politics. again, this is now part of the ritual which is so bizarre is that the second order conversation is about policy responses because mass shootings have happened with guns. and we have a country that has way more guns that other democracies for a bunch of other reasons which we can get into. when you are thinking about that, part of that in wrestling to get to why did this happen is one vision of this as essentially a natural disaster
Jul 22, 2012 5:00am PDT
of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express. >>> good morning from new york, i'm chris hayes. president obama is going to aurora, colorado, today to visit with the victims of friday's theater shootings, their families and local officials. both president obama and mitt romney will return to the trail on monday with stops across the west coast. but i want to start with my story of the week. the taxes of the father. by week's end, it was getting harder and harder to find anyone democratic republican, pundit or operative who didn't think mitt romney should and ultimately would have to release more than two years of his tax returns. senate democrats are planning to introduce legislation this week raising dividends to 20% and now talking about letting all the bush tax cuts expire as part of a strategy to limit actual tax increases to people with annual incomes above $250,000. people like, well, mitt romney. and it also doesn't help that when george romney ran for president in 1968, he set a new precedent by turning over 12 years of tax returns
Jul 22, 2012 8:00am EDT
this -- >> i want to restore to america the principals that made us the hope of the earth. >> he's not talking about the principle, one that has been preserved under barack obama and mitt romney has no interest in going back. this is the real reason that mitt romney doesn't want to do what his father did by releasing more returns. a society where the wealthy are bound to everyone else. his own taxes, from what we've seen are a snapshot of what they look like in which the wealthy have used their influence over the political parties and the party making apparatus to write rules to allow them to keep the government's hands off their cash. a world in which they've created a rapidly growing industry of tax lawyers and accountants who make a lot of money boring through the tax code like termites. it's not a character story. elites are subject to the norms of their time. this is about the relationship of our elites to the rest of their fellow citizens and the ways it has changed over the last half century. what a society looks like when it's incapable of forcing the most powerful members to play by t
Jul 1, 2012 8:00am EDT
contributions meaningfully count but be shutout of the process." the u.s. supreme court rejected montana's claim that their history gave the state "unique and compelling interests in eliminating corporate influence on elections." justice briar wrote, "that nment expenditures do not corrupt or appear to do so." not only will the court not reconsider, the citizens united ruling, but not abide states acting independently to prevent their state electoral processes to unlimited contributions from corporate donors." i just want to get your reaction to the court's actions here? >> it's bad, really bad. what essentially happens is when we had too much money in politics already, we made it constitutionally protected to have unlimited amounts of money. so, any corporation, which they haven't really been doing it that much, but these loopy billionaires out there and some self-conscious billionaire as who have been able to write the big, fat checks in these campaigns, just sometimes for willful reasons, but a lot of times for investment reasons. >> i think the first wave we're getting the accentric ones. ri
Jul 8, 2012 8:00am EDT
for everybody in the west. if this doesn't tell us that now is the time for the debate, i guess nothing will. >> weather is terrifying and incomprehensible. even today with all of our progress and technology and all the things on the earth we can bend to our industrial will a single storm can knock out power for more than 3 million people, as it did last week in d.c. and the surrounding states. the last century of modern life snuffed out in an instant. storms and wildfires come and go and summer heat waves come and go and our atmosphere does all kind of freaky things. but if you take a step back and survey the wreckage of the bizarre, extreme weather just this year, nearly impossible to avoid the conclusion that the planet is screaming out an obvious message. climate change is here, the wolf is at the door. hit 95 in new york city and 105 in washington, d.c. 107 degrees, 107 degrees in st. louis. at least 60 people have died due to this heat wave and this year alone we had a staggering record highs. look at this map. these are the places that reported record monthly highs in march and these
Jul 14, 2012 5:00am PDT
in terms of getting by and going about trying to raise kids. >> when i used to receive the food stamps, my kids were younger. and to put nutritious food on the table, i needed that supplement and the help. again, my husband is out of work because he hurt himself, not because he doesn't want to work. we need that to help us, again. i have a 13-year-old that's handicapped. she needs nutritious food. i have a grandson who's 16 -- 18 months old and he lives with us with my daughter who's a single mom. and to put nutritious food on the table, we need that supplement. we need that help. >> how much of a difference does it make? how large in your family budget or income is the s.n.a.p. -- >> it makes a huge difference. it gives me the opportunity to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables and meats that i wouldn't be able to. do i'd have to do a lot more cheaper meals and not nutritious, you know, if i didn't have that supplement. >> i want to -- there's the policy here is clear and there's these cuts. but i want to lay out this conservative argument that's been gathering steam around this program. i
Jul 14, 2012 8:00am EDT
handicapped. she needs nutritious food. i have a grandson who's 16 - 18 months old a h les wh us th m dauter o's aingl mo anout nuttiouood e tabl weeedhat suleme. nee tt lp. how mhf a difrencdoes itma? how large in your family budget or incom is the s.n.a.p. -- >> it makes a hugedieren. itives mhe oortuty to buy e frh frus a vetabls aeats tt i woul't bable . do'dave t d a l mor chear meals and not nutritious, you kn, if i didn't have that supplement. >> i want to -- there's the poli he is carndere' the cuts t iant toay out ts coervave aumen tt's beatheng sam aund is prram. it's grown quite a bit. the congressional budget office estimates that essentially 100% of the growt is due to the efcts the ressio atesave soottemore ficit ofrollg ople ere' ws of dngutomic enromento ppleuali f e befitet the benet. bu thes a growing chorus on the right that this is creating a culture of dependency. 'simil that w sn th conrsatn on lfar re's crlescrouamme making this point. >> obama administration is going to say bad economic times, people nd food. butoingrom $17 bilon t $76 billn, ce on, someing'in ay. whs
Jul 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >>> and record heat is expected again today across central and much of the eastern u.s. we'll have details about the new records and what they mean for the politics of global warming on tomorrow's program. right now i'm joined by jared bernstein. former economic policy adviser to vice president biden. joseph sanglatando, former employment counselor who's now been out of work himself for 18 months. and john phillis, own ore of a small business, a diner here in new york called the lexington candy shop, great place. president obama and mitt romney continued their sparg over the last jobs numbers. private sector added 84,000 jobs in jeune while the public sector lost jobs. slightly lower than expectations. the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 8.2% and the num r numbers are familiar and frustrated. in ohio yesterday president obama looked at the numbers and the context in the last two years. >> we looked at the numbers and the businesses have created 84,000 jobs in the last month they've created 4.4 million jobs in the last 28 months include 5g 00,000 new manufacturing jobs. that's a step in t
Jul 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
, found delight again. that's the power of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express. >>> good morning from new york, i'm chris hayes. hillary clinton heads to israel today after meeting in cairo with field marshal, head of thejipgz military council where she pressed the military to work with newly elected mohammad morsi to transfer to full rule. we'll have ed conered, a partner at bain until 2007 later on today to sort out romney's record there. first, my story of the week, the voting rights act and how it may determine the outcome of this year's presidential race. in closing arguments this friday, attorneys for the state of texas argued the state should be released once and for all from the department of its voting business which was clearly authorized. the case is widely expected to wind up before the supreme court where we find the five appointees declaring it's no longer justified. the portion of the act at issue covers nine states and counties and townships and seven others largely in the south that have a history of erecting barriers.
Jul 7, 2012 8:00am EDT
was driving through gary, indiana, and things were bad ten years ago, 20 years ago. joe, tell us where you think we are. >> i don't think we should sacrifice the american worker. there are a number of ways to job train and escort people into work that we're just not doing. what happens a lot is you hear jobs, jobs, jobs, and you don't see anything happen. i don't see any job programs. do you? >> oh, job training programs. that's about it. >> do you? >> that's been the problem. there's been this job training consensus. there was job training money under clinton and the recovery act, but if you train people to have jobs and there are no jobs -- >> there's an "all dressed up and nowhere to go" potential. you train people for jobs and there's nowhere to go. >> i was doing this for 20 years. >> basically what? >> the job sector, working with disabled people, homeless gentlemen, homeless adults, disabled, as i say, and i've never seen a lack of commitment to the work force like i do now. >> by who? >> by the government, by officials. just turning on public employees for example. >> and you were
Jul 15, 2012 8:00am EDT
standards, states and counties are using relatis or law or sts den t rit tovote th theill be suck do. iis car tt ste officials still tend to discriminate, en federal exinerwilleent i t remger a elible ters whenhe ospef dirimitions gonehe exiners will be immediately withdrawn. and under this act, if a coun, anherenhisatio do n wteder tervtion ieed oy op itpollg ples to all of it people. >> iwasn unt theassa ofhe ving ghtsct tt blk pele itheouthnd some plasutsi theouth coul tual ercisheir righ toe fl rticatin tize in ericmocry. xasouldow like to get rid of that rule and more broadly do whatever it pleases as far as rerictns on voting are coerne justo hpenshile tex i pursng aend t theight o tyray,tes aund e tionnder republican control to the poor and marginal. in pennsylvania, new voter i.d. law recent study found that 67 $7,000eoplr ontent of e eleorat doot havi.d.s toote novber. oof tizenship, which 60% of alabama voter or former voters do not have. brennan center for justice estimatethe total number of ters naonwi peried b ws tt we adopd or g into effts mehan 5 llio remeer t marnf vtory
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)